Carlsbad Interior Painter

We NOW offer the newest in paints from Behr, Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams Professional paints. Included are GERM KILLING anti microbial materials. We take pride in our workmanship and professional results. For each job we complete, we pay particularly close attention to ALL the details.

Our Interior Painting Services Include

Painting Walls, Cabinets, Windows, Ceilings, Stain to Paint Cabinets, Stain to Paint Paneling, Garage Floors, Trim, Paneling, Doors, Glazing, Texture Repairs, and Sheetrock Repairs.

Quality Materials

Quality Interior Painting begins with selecting top line materials.  Low-grade materials may save a few bucks on the first purchase, but any savings can quickly be lost with the need for additional coats and short life because the material does not wear well.

Consumer Reports Magazine rates Behr Ultra Xurex Nano Ceramic Paint tops in its category. It has a 10 year factory warranty and has been our paint preference for more than 2 years. It leaves a harder, stain resistant finish, whether it is in flat, glossy eggshell or satin. The Behr Ultra does cost 50% more than “builder grade” paint, however, since labor presents the biggest part of any paint job, going with the best paint actually saves you money.

Green Paints

We also offer the new environmentally friendly green paints and low VOC, low odor paints. Please click here for more information on these products.

Masking & Property Protection

The last thing we want to do is make a huge mess at your home. So, we create a protected work area by masking off flooring, furniture, etc. to ensure we leave the job site as clean, or cleaner, than we found it. Accidents happen. Paint spills. Masking not only helps us contain the mess while we are working, but makes for quick and easy cleanup when we are done. Many painters skip over this very important step in order to try and save time and expense. In reality, the masking is not that expensive, and the time invested is well worth the return and the guarantee that there will not be a mess left behind. The potential damage caused by an unprotected accident can easily exceed the cost of a paint job. When this happens, many painters will just walk off the job, never to be found, leaving you holding the bag.

One of our pet peeves is paint left on light switches, electrical outlets and door knobs. We take time to either remove or protect all of these with masking.

Filling Holes and Sealing Joints

Filling nail holes with spackling and resealing(caulking) joints is standard procedure.  One of the typical complaints we hear from homeowners about their home is the large cracks that begin to appear between the ceiling molding and wall or ceiling. Often the cracks spread too wide for standard caulks to hold up and hold on. That is why we like to use a highly elastic sealant with good adhesion properties. Once you seal it properly with this sealant, you rarely have another problem with it.


Whether you have hairline cracks in your walls and ceilings due to the expansions and contraction that comes from the seasonal temperature changes, large cracks caused by foundation problems, or bad wood and sheetrock from water damage, we can fix it. We are experienced with all types of repairs and textures and know how to blend them in well.

Sheetrock cracks need to be properly taped and bedded, and textured rather than just spackled. If you just spackle a crack, it will reappear quickly. Then you have to fix it properly and even paint again. It is better to go ahead and get it done right the first time.


We install and replace all types of trim. Many customers like to add crown molding to some or all of he rooms to enhance the appearance of their home’s interior. We can replace rotten or termite damaged trim. We also occasionally replace trim damaged by the beloved family pet.

Surface Preparation – Priming

Interior priming does more than just make the paint ‘cover better’. It actually works as a stain-blocker by preventing underlying issues, such as water stains, from bleeding through. It also helps the paint absorb evenly into the surface of wood and sheetrock so that the sheen on the finished protect looks even. Some painters like to use left-over paint as a primer. Although this is ok sometimes, it is generally better to use a primer formulated for the specific application.

Surface Preparation – Sanding

Sanding the glossy paint on trim is very important because it scores the surface and help the new paint bond well to the old paint. We lightly sand and clean al trim before we paint it. We have seem many jobs where the do-it-yourselfer or previous painter did not sand the trim and it begins to peel, causing a huge mess that has to be stripped and done properly. This is very labor-intensive and is best avoided by taking the time to sand and clean the trim and cabinets before painting.


With all the masking, surface preparation, and repairs complete, applying the paint is usually a snap, but you still have to know what you are doing or else you may end up doing it again. There are different techniques to applying various paints that are necessary to ensure the final finish looks good. Many paints say they will cover in one coat. That might be the case when repainting with the same color, but it is rare when changing colors. We quote your job for how many coats it will take, so we need to know if you want the color to change ahead of time.

We offer a full line of decorative and faux finishes as well as decorative textures. Click here to learn more,


We all the painting is done, we clean up the mess. No, we do not fill up your trash cans. We haul off the trash and dispose of it properly so you don’t have to look at it and deal with it. We also put the furniture back where it goes.

Final Inspection and Walk-Through

We always like to do a final walk through with the homeowner through each area to ensure job completion and quality.