Exterior Painting Contractor

Exterior Paint HeaderWe believe that doing the job right the first time saves time, money and headaches in the long run. When you couple proper procedures with quality materials, you get a great paint job. We’ve been providing homeowners from La Jolla, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and Escondido with this incredible service for more than 8 years.

In order to submit an accurate proposal to you, we begin with a thorough inspection. Other companies may just submit a base line quote to get your contract and then hit you with loads of additional required repairs later. Or, worse yet, just cover up damage, such as rotten wood,  that really does need to be replaced. The result is often runaway expenses that were never budgeted or a paint job that will have to be redone at a greater expense in a short time. We believe that giving you more information helps you make a better, more informed decision about your project.   Often times, rotten wood is hidden behind seemingly ok paint. The rot is revealed when we power-wash.

Although each home has a few unique needs, a quality exterior painting project normally consists of the following critical steps

1. Surface Preparation and Repairs
2. PowerWash
3. Carpentry Repairs
4. Scrape & Hand Sand, Nail Down, Oil Primer and Sealant
5. Masking / Protect areas adjacent to paint
6. Apply Paint Full Strength
7. Complete Cleanup
8. Walkthrough & Final Inspection with Customer


Power-washing is the best way to clean painted surfaces. We pre-treat with a biodegradable solution and then power-wash to remove dust, dirt, chalky oxidation, and loose paint. Power-washing also helps reveal bad wood hiding under the old paint.

Carpentry Repairs

Some homeowners want to minimize expense by ‘holding off’ on carpentry replacement. Sometimes budgets require this, but it is much better, and typically costs less in the long run, to go ahead and do it. We would rather see you wait a month or two for budgeting reasons before beginning your project so you can have it done right and thoroughly.

Scrape & Hand Sand, Nail Down, Oil Primer and Sealant

Surface prep is critical to a long-lasting, quality paint job. Don’t fall for a company who won’t do the prep. It may look good for 6 months, but will quickly deteriorate and will have to be redone properly later, leading to more expense overall and more headaches.

We scrape loose any peeling paint. Then we lightly sand to score the surface so the new paint can bond better. Sometimes cosmetic sanding is done, but it is often more cost-effective to replace a badly peeling board than it is to spend lots of time sanding. We generally do not sand composite siding as this typically makes the delamination worse.

Loose boards are secured with new nails and screws where necessary.

Exterior primers serve two purposes. The first is to help the paint bond to the surface, and the second is to block stains from rising to the surface of the new paint. Special primers, normally oil-based, are applied to bare wood, rust, bare galvanized metal, and water stains.  Paint in decent condition does not normally need to be primed as new water-based paint bonds well to old water-based paint. Watch out for companies who want to sell you a complete primer coat. Although this is sometimes recommended, be sure that is really what you need before you agree.

Sealant, often referred to as caulking, is applied to seams and joints where wood meets wood or brick. We reseal existing caulked joints. Some joints, such as the freeze board below the eaves, are generally not caulked. We use top quality sealants, not cheap latex caulks.

Masking / Protect areas adjacent to paint

Although masking it not difficult to do, this is a step many companies too often skip. Sadly, the result is a mess that is very difficult to clean up. We protect your brick, windows, shingles, pool, landscape, light fixtures, etc.

Apply Full-Strength Paint

After all the preparation is done, we apply the paint which it like the icing on the cake. Some areas are brushed, some rolled, some sprayed, but we always apply the paint full-strength and do not try to stretch and save money by adding water. We spray the pain on where practical because it leaves a much nicer finish that brushing and we can lay the paint on much heavier than with brush and roll. We only use top-quality, proven paints from major manufacturers such as Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc.


No one likes a mess.  We try our best to keep the job site clean while working and at the end of each day. Even though the painting may be done, our work is not complete until we removal all trash from the site. We want to leave your property just as clean as we found it but with a nice, fresh paint job.

Walkthrough & Final Inspection with Customer

Once the painting and cleanup is complete, we like to go over the job once more with the homeowner for any additional touchups and to ensure satisfaction. We want you to be totally satisfied. Customers like you are the reason we exist and our mission to make you a happy customer, singing our praise to all of your friends and neighbors.