Choosing Your Exterior Paint

carlsbad painterWell chosen exterior paint colors can dramatically improve your Carlsbad home’s curb appeal and add value to your house. Changing up your siding and trim can create an entirely new look, but with thousands of exterior paint colors, dozens of manufacturers and many sheens to choose from, the possible combinations of house painting colors can be mind numbing.

Although it seems simple, choosing exterior paint colors can be one of the most difficult, time consuming aspects of the entire project! The challenge is to allow your personality to shine through, while retaining (or increasing!) curb appeal.

It’s best to get this right the first time, but fortunately paint is fairly inexpensive and in many situations the color can be easily changed with a little more effort and a few more gallons of paint.

What Works Best Outside

Medium tone, neutral colors are the most appropriate shades for outdoor use. Even if you have no HOA restrictions, you should consider your neighbors’ feelings and resale value.

In addition, the color you choose can have a direct effect on the cost, completion time, and durability of your paint project. Not all exterior paint colors hold up to UV light, and may fade with time. Beiges and light- to medium-browns have better than average resistance to UV light and fading. They also provide excellent coverage. Other shades, especially true reds and yellows, can require multiple coats; up to six, in some cases. Remember, the more coats you’ll need, the longer and more expensive the job will be.

Your contractor can help. Ask your contractor for ideas. He knows what other homeowners are asking for, what colors hold up best to weather and sun, and which colors provide good coverage with the least effort. We recommend Behr Nano Ceramic paints over any other paints. They are rated best by Consumers Reports magazine and they offer a ten year warranty.

Apply Samples

If you’ve got it narrowed down, apply some samples. The surrounding environment can make a color look very different. Check the sample both in light and in shade, at night and during the day. Picking a shade that looks good all the time will save you time, money, and frustration.

Choosing the color you like may be the most time-consuming part of the process, but remember that it’s only half the battle. If you really want your project to look good, you’ll need to properly prepare the surface and apply an appropriate primer before painting. Good luck!