Advanced Painting Group

Our painters are trained in all of the latest techniques and technology.  Sam Attenberg  built custom houses in New England over 30 years ago. He started Advanced Painting Group due to the lack of skilled painters in North County offering REASONABLE PRICES. Our prices are often 25-40% less than other painters. We offer a wide array of home and business needs including drywall repair and replacement.


Anyone can put paint on a brush or roller. A skilled professional painter brings his experience and talent to your project. “Prep” work is essential  for an excellent job.
Power washing, taping, protecting your valuables are all key to job satisfaction.
There are part time college kids, franchises and unlicensed people, here today gone tomorrow!  Choose a painter who is stable and will guaranty your satisfaction. Pay only a small deposit and the balance on satisfactory completion.
Most experienced painters will tell you privately the hardest part of their business is retaining sober, dependable people who will show up for work consistently.

We have had zero turnover since we began. We treat our people with dignity and respect. We pay them top wages for a perfect job well done. We work consistently from 7:30am to 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday. We take great PRIDE  in our craftsmanship.

We employ clean, careful and courteous professionals who focus on quality and customer satisfaction through all phases – from preparation to completion and final clean-up of the project. We are licensed and insured in the State of California.

We are happy to provide referrals upon request. We receive a large amount of business from customer referrals. It is our hope that every customer becomes a spokesperson for our company. We have built a solid reputation on providing customized services to meet the needs of our clients.

We understand that our customers have many painting companies to choose from and we are committed to surpassing expectations. Advanced Painting Group will provide service and quality craftsmanship making our work a true value-added investment in your home or business.

Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Why hire Advanced Painting Group

1. We offer FREE ESTIMATES within 24 hours of your call.
2.FREE Professional Colorist Consultation to help you pick  palette or individual colors.
3.We respect your possessions,privacy and landscaping.
4.We protect your neighbors homes and vehicles if possibly subject to our painting spray.
5. Our employees do not smoke or play loud music.
6. At the end of your job we do a THOROUGH CLEAN-UP.