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crossings-golf-lodgeAt Advanced Painting Group, we know how to handle any commercial project. We recently completed a painting project at the Crossings Golf Course in Carlsbad, CA, one of California’s Top 10 courses. We restored and painted the Clubhouse, as well as the Pumping Station Building, the Maintenance Building and Snack Bars.

The Crossings ia owned by the City of Carlsbad and is professionally managed by Kemper Sports. Complete customer satisfaction is our only goal.

Carlsbad Interior Painter

We NOW offer the newest in paints from Behr, Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams Professional paints. Included are GERM KILLING anti microbial materials. We take pride in our workmanship and professional results. For each job we complete, we pay particularly close attention to ALL the details.

Our Interior Painting Services Include

Painting Walls, Cabinets, Windows, Ceilings, Stain to Paint Cabinets, Stain to Paint Paneling, Garage Floors, Trim, Paneling, Doors, Glazing, Texture Repairs, and Sheetrock Repairs.

Quality Materials

Quality Interior Painting begins with selecting top line materials.  Low-grade materials may save a few bucks on the first purchase, but any savings can quickly be lost with the need for additional coats and short life because the material does not wear well.

Consumer Reports Magazine rates Behr Ultra Xurex Nano Ceramic Paint tops in its category. It has a 10 year factory warranty and has been our paint preference for more than 2 years. It leaves a harder, stain resistant finish, whether it is in flat, glossy eggshell or satin. The Behr Ultra does cost 50% more than “builder grade” paint, however, since labor presents the biggest part of any paint job, going with the best paint actually saves you money.

Green Paints

We also offer the new environmentally friendly green paints and low VOC, low odor paints. Please click here for more information on these products.

Masking & Property Protection

The last thing we want to do is make a huge mess at your home. So, we create a protected work area by masking off flooring, furniture, etc. to ensure we leave the job site as clean, or cleaner, than we found it. Accidents happen. Paint spills. Masking not only helps us contain the mess while we are working, but makes for quick and easy cleanup when we are done. Many painters skip over this very important step in order to try and save time and expense. In reality, the masking is not that expensive, and the time invested is well worth the return and the guarantee that there will not be a mess left behind. The potential damage caused by an unprotected accident can easily exceed the cost of a paint job. When this happens, many painters will just walk off the job, never to be found, leaving you holding the bag.

One of our pet peeves is paint left on light switches, electrical outlets and door knobs. We take time to either remove or protect all of these with masking.

Filling Holes and Sealing Joints

Filling nail holes with spackling and resealing(caulking) joints is standard procedure.  One of the typical complaints we hear from homeowners about their home is the large cracks that begin to appear between the ceiling molding and wall or ceiling. Often the cracks spread too wide for standard caulks to hold up and hold on. That is why we like to use a highly elastic sealant with good adhesion properties. Once you seal it properly with this sealant, you rarely have another problem with it.


Whether you have hairline cracks in your walls and ceilings due to the expansions and contraction that comes from the seasonal temperature changes, large cracks caused by foundation problems, or bad wood and sheetrock from water damage, we can fix it. We are experienced with all types of repairs and textures and know how to blend them in well.

Sheetrock cracks need to be properly taped and bedded, and textured rather than just spackled. If you just spackle a crack, it will reappear quickly. Then you have to fix it properly and even paint again. It is better to go ahead and get it done right the first time.


We install and replace all types of trim. Many customers like to add crown molding to some or all of he rooms to enhance the appearance of their home’s interior. We can replace rotten or termite damaged trim. We also occasionally replace trim damaged by the beloved family pet.

Surface Preparation – Priming

Interior priming does more than just make the paint ‘cover better’. It actually works as a stain-blocker by preventing underlying issues, such as water stains, from bleeding through. It also helps the paint absorb evenly into the surface of wood and sheetrock so that the sheen on the finished protect looks even. Some painters like to use left-over paint as a primer. Although this is ok sometimes, it is generally better to use a primer formulated for the specific application.

Surface Preparation – Sanding

Sanding the glossy paint on trim is very important because it scores the surface and help the new paint bond well to the old paint. We lightly sand and clean al trim before we paint it. We have seem many jobs where the do-it-yourselfer or previous painter did not sand the trim and it begins to peel, causing a huge mess that has to be stripped and done properly. This is very labor-intensive and is best avoided by taking the time to sand and clean the trim and cabinets before painting.


With all the masking, surface preparation, and repairs complete, applying the paint is usually a snap, but you still have to know what you are doing or else you may end up doing it again. There are different techniques to applying various paints that are necessary to ensure the final finish looks good. Many paints say they will cover in one coat. That might be the case when repainting with the same color, but it is rare when changing colors. We quote your job for how many coats it will take, so we need to know if you want the color to change ahead of time.

We offer a full line of decorative and faux finishes as well as decorative textures. Click here to learn more,


We all the painting is done, we clean up the mess. No, we do not fill up your trash cans. We haul off the trash and dispose of it properly so you don’t have to look at it and deal with it. We also put the furniture back where it goes.

Final Inspection and Walk-Through

We always like to do a final walk through with the homeowner through each area to ensure job completion and quality.

Our Commitment and Guarantee

GuaranteeOur experienced professionals will paint the interior or exterior of your Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos, Vista or Escondido home, office building or other business using only the finest paints available. We have a 100% satisfaction rating with ALL of our past painting customers.  *Terms and conditions available upon request. Our people are Trustworthy, Dependable, On-time and On budget !

We take Great Pride in Our Work.

Our prices are lower than most skilled painters in North County, S.D. Due to our efficient methods, work ethics and top flight equipment. We complete most homes within 5 days.

We provide FREE onsite estimates. Our work is 100% guaranteed!

EXCLUSIVE DIFFERENCES with Advanced Painting Group

* We have satisfied over 400 high-end residential homeowners and larger commercial sites, including the Crossings Golf Course in Carlsbad, one of Southern California’s Top 10 courses. We restored the Clubhouse, several Maintenance Buildings, the Pumping Station and Refreshment Stands. The Crossings is owned by the City of Carlsbad and is professionally managed for them by Kemper Sports.

* Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%


Professional Power Washing Services from roof top to driveways!

Our skilled professionals meet OSHA standards for safety and training. We take great care to minimize intrusion into your activities. We are licensed. We are insured by The Hartford Company.

Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Exterior Painting Contractor

Exterior Paint HeaderWe believe that doing the job right the first time saves time, money and headaches in the long run. When you couple proper procedures with quality materials, you get a great paint job. We’ve been providing homeowners from La Jolla, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and Escondido with this incredible service for more than 8 years.

In order to submit an accurate proposal to you, we begin with a thorough inspection. Other companies may just submit a base line quote to get your contract and then hit you with loads of additional required repairs later. Or, worse yet, just cover up damage, such as rotten wood,  that really does need to be replaced. The result is often runaway expenses that were never budgeted or a paint job that will have to be redone at a greater expense in a short time. We believe that giving you more information helps you make a better, more informed decision about your project.   Often times, rotten wood is hidden behind seemingly ok paint. The rot is revealed when we power-wash.

Although each home has a few unique needs, a quality exterior painting project normally consists of the following critical steps

1. Surface Preparation and Repairs
2. PowerWash
3. Carpentry Repairs
4. Scrape & Hand Sand, Nail Down, Oil Primer and Sealant
5. Masking / Protect areas adjacent to paint
6. Apply Paint Full Strength
7. Complete Cleanup
8. Walkthrough & Final Inspection with Customer


Power-washing is the best way to clean painted surfaces. We pre-treat with a biodegradable solution and then power-wash to remove dust, dirt, chalky oxidation, and loose paint. Power-washing also helps reveal bad wood hiding under the old paint.

Carpentry Repairs

Some homeowners want to minimize expense by ‘holding off’ on carpentry replacement. Sometimes budgets require this, but it is much better, and typically costs less in the long run, to go ahead and do it. We would rather see you wait a month or two for budgeting reasons before beginning your project so you can have it done right and thoroughly.

Scrape & Hand Sand, Nail Down, Oil Primer and Sealant

Surface prep is critical to a long-lasting, quality paint job. Don’t fall for a company who won’t do the prep. It may look good for 6 months, but will quickly deteriorate and will have to be redone properly later, leading to more expense overall and more headaches.

We scrape loose any peeling paint. Then we lightly sand to score the surface so the new paint can bond better. Sometimes cosmetic sanding is done, but it is often more cost-effective to replace a badly peeling board than it is to spend lots of time sanding. We generally do not sand composite siding as this typically makes the delamination worse.

Loose boards are secured with new nails and screws where necessary.

Exterior primers serve two purposes. The first is to help the paint bond to the surface, and the second is to block stains from rising to the surface of the new paint. Special primers, normally oil-based, are applied to bare wood, rust, bare galvanized metal, and water stains.  Paint in decent condition does not normally need to be primed as new water-based paint bonds well to old water-based paint. Watch out for companies who want to sell you a complete primer coat. Although this is sometimes recommended, be sure that is really what you need before you agree.

Sealant, often referred to as caulking, is applied to seams and joints where wood meets wood or brick. We reseal existing caulked joints. Some joints, such as the freeze board below the eaves, are generally not caulked. We use top quality sealants, not cheap latex caulks.

Masking / Protect areas adjacent to paint

Although masking it not difficult to do, this is a step many companies too often skip. Sadly, the result is a mess that is very difficult to clean up. We protect your brick, windows, shingles, pool, landscape, light fixtures, etc.

Apply Full-Strength Paint

After all the preparation is done, we apply the paint which it like the icing on the cake. Some areas are brushed, some rolled, some sprayed, but we always apply the paint full-strength and do not try to stretch and save money by adding water. We spray the pain on where practical because it leaves a much nicer finish that brushing and we can lay the paint on much heavier than with brush and roll. We only use top-quality, proven paints from major manufacturers such as Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc.


No one likes a mess.  We try our best to keep the job site clean while working and at the end of each day. Even though the painting may be done, our work is not complete until we removal all trash from the site. We want to leave your property just as clean as we found it but with a nice, fresh paint job.

Walkthrough & Final Inspection with Customer

Once the painting and cleanup is complete, we like to go over the job once more with the homeowner for any additional touchups and to ensure satisfaction. We want you to be totally satisfied. Customers like you are the reason we exist and our mission to make you a happy customer, singing our praise to all of your friends and neighbors.

Oceanside Painter

Client Pictures

Some of our local clients…
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Some of Our Recent Commercial Clients

















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Partial List of Individual Customers


348 Binnacle Drive   Carlsbad
344 Binnacle Drive   Carlsbad
7312 Binnacle Drive Carlsbad
7312 Binnacle Drive Carlsbad
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7313 Marine Court     Carlsbad


7408 Capstan Drive  Carlsbad
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7447 Capstan Drive  Carlsbad
7448 Capstan Drive  Carlsbad
7451 Capstan Drive  Carlsbad
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7468 Capstan Drive  Carslbad
7483 Capstan Drive  Carlsbad
509  Halsing Court    Carlsbad
539  Halsing Court    Carlsbad
529  Halsing Court    Carlsbad
612  Marlin Lane      Carlsbad
7401 Magellan          Carslbad
7420 Magellan          Carlsbad
7441 Magellan          Carlsbad
7449 Magellan          Carlsbad
7454 Magellan          Carlsbad
7468 Magellan          Carlsbad
7441 Tribal Lane      Carlsbad
7446 Tribal Lane      Carlsbad
7450 Tribal Lane      Carlsbad
7451 Tribal Lane      Carlsbad
7425 Sundial             Carlsbad
7450 Sundial             Carlsbad
550   Burton Way      Carlsbad
540   Meridian           Carlsbad


501 Anchorage Ave  Carlsbad
516 Dew Point           Carlsbad
7358 Seafarer           Carlsbad
7364 Seafarer           Carlsbad
7304 Spinaker           Carlsbad


Escolonia Court        Carlsbad
7325 Seafarer        Carlsbad


134 Windvane          Carlsbad


1360 Cassins St  Carlsbad
1362 Nightshade Carlsbad
6759 Palmeri Pl,  Carlsbad


7837 Leeward    Carlsbad
7025 Leeward    Carlsbad
7122 Leeward    Carlsbad
7082 Leeward    Carlsbad
7050 Leeward    Carlsbad
7126 Leeward    Carlsbad
7058 Leeward    Carlsbad
7082 Leeward    Carlsbad
134   Windvane  Carlsbad


6968 Tradewinds, Carlsbad
6910 Tradewinds  Carlsbad
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6863 Tradewinds  Carlsbad
6866 Tradewinds  Carlsbad
6743 Tradewinds  Carlsbad
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6991 Tradewinds  Carlsbad
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6987 Tradewinds  Carlsbad
6960 Tradewinds  Carlsbad
6948 Tradewinds  Carlsbad
7035 Tradewinds  Carlsbad
7026 Tradewinds  Carlsbad
112 Breakwater     Carlsbad
111 Channel St      Carlsbad
118 Channel St      Carlsbad
121 Channel St      Carlsbad
122 Channel St      Carlsbad
130 Channel St      Carlsbad
131 Channel St      Carlsbad
134 Channel St      Carlsbad

138 Channel St      Carlsbad
142 Channel St      Carlsbad

6873 Catamaran    Carlsbad
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6813 Catamaran    Carlsbad
6885 Catamaran    Carlsbad
6897 Catamaran    Carlsbad
6953 Catamaran    Carlsbad
6965 Catamaran    Carlsbad
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6965 Waters End Drive  Carlsbad


7324 Muslo Lane    Carlsbad
1516 Sapphire Dr   Carlsbad

7344 Corte Hortensia Carlsbad


6456 Primero Izouiero, Largo Estates


1424 El Camino
1500 Forest Way
1010 Qwrist Way


550 Montgomery Street


444 Victoria Way


1258 Avenida Fragata

Choosing Your Exterior Paint

carlsbad painterWell chosen exterior paint colors can dramatically improve your Carlsbad home’s curb appeal and add value to your house. Changing up your siding and trim can create an entirely new look, but with thousands of exterior paint colors, dozens of manufacturers and many sheens to choose from, the possible combinations of house painting colors can be mind numbing.

Although it seems simple, choosing exterior paint colors can be one of the most difficult, time consuming aspects of the entire project! The challenge is to allow your personality to shine through, while retaining (or increasing!) curb appeal.

It’s best to get this right the first time, but fortunately paint is fairly inexpensive and in many situations the color can be easily changed with a little more effort and a few more gallons of paint.

What Works Best Outside

Medium tone, neutral colors are the most appropriate shades for outdoor use. Even if you have no HOA restrictions, you should consider your neighbors’ feelings and resale value.

In addition, the color you choose can have a direct effect on the cost, completion time, and durability of your paint project. Not all exterior paint colors hold up to UV light, and may fade with time. Beiges and light- to medium-browns have better than average resistance to UV light and fading. They also provide excellent coverage. Other shades, especially true reds and yellows, can require multiple coats; up to six, in some cases. Remember, the more coats you’ll need, the longer and more expensive the job will be.

Your contractor can help. Ask your contractor for ideas. He knows what other homeowners are asking for, what colors hold up best to weather and sun, and which colors provide good coverage with the least effort. We recommend Behr Nano Ceramic paints over any other paints. They are rated best by Consumers Reports magazine and they offer a ten year warranty.

Apply Samples

If you’ve got it narrowed down, apply some samples. The surrounding environment can make a color look very different. Check the sample both in light and in shade, at night and during the day. Picking a shade that looks good all the time will save you time, money, and frustration.

Choosing the color you like may be the most time-consuming part of the process, but remember that it’s only half the battle. If you really want your project to look good, you’ll need to properly prepare the surface and apply an appropriate primer before painting. Good luck!

The Perfect Interior Paint Cplor

carlsbad painterAppropriate interior paint colors can revitalize every surface of your Carlsbad home, from the walls and ceilings to the doors, paneling, and trim. Thousands of combinations are available, with colors available in multiple paint sheens. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but there a wide variety of resources available to help you!

First, consider what colors you’re drawn to. Determining which paint colors you like or should avoid is critical to creating a room you’ll feel comfortable in. An understanding of color and its effect on your mood will help you make choices. Developing your own paint color scheme and sense of style is a large part of this process.

Search out inspiration! Books and magazines are a great place to start. There are also dozens of decorating shows on television. Watching professional decorators redesign other people’s houses can be like having a free consultation! At friends’ homes, hotels, even doctor’s offices and restaurants, keep an eye out for paint color combinations you like. Seeing how others’ projects have come together can give you a feeling for trends and unusual pairings you may not have considered on your own.

You can also find galleries of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms online. Some sites are very specific, providing photos and product suggestions; others provide lists of interior paint colors that go well together.

Using a manufacturer’s paint color fan deck is another great way to see all the colors available in a specific line, and see how they go together. There’s no rule you have to stick to one manufacturer, either. Shuffle paint chips around until you get the combination you like; who cares if the main color is by Benjamin Moore and the trim is by Glidden?

Another option is decorating software. Many programs (purchased or available online) allow you to upload a photo of your. home and change the “paint” electronically. This is a fairly good way to get a representation of what your finished room will look like. Some include tips from real-live decorating consultants.

If your budget allows, consider hiring an interior decorator. She can guide you through your whole decorating project, or provide a home analysis, pointing you in the right direction and allowing you to work out the details on your own.

Choose The Right Carlsbad Paint Contractor

Every year thousands of homeowners hire professional painting contractors. Using an experienced Carlsbad painting contractor might seem more expensive than doing it yourself, but the time (and aggravation) saved by allowing a professional to step in is often worth the price. Do your homework, find the right contractor, and your painting story is sure to have a happy ending.

If you’re in Carlsbad or another San Diego North County community, Advamced Painting Group is happy to handle all your painting needs. Whoever you choose, be sure to follow these timely tips in making your selection.


Perhaps the best way to find a good contractor is to ask around. Successful word of mouth advertising starts with satisfied customers, and you can learn a lot about a painter from his past clients! Of course, customers are also not shy about telling you who to stay away from- if you hear keep hearing horror stories about the same company, steer clear!

Ask your sources the following questions:

Did the contractor do quality work?

Your definition of quality and your friend’s might differ. Ask if you can take a look at the finished paint job. Check the cut-in areas around windows, doors, and trim. Was caulking applied? Are all the lines straight? Proper preparation and attention to detail are important elements of a good looking, long lasting paint job.

Did the painting contractor protect non-painted surfaces or areas?

For exterior paint jobs, a good contractor will cover concrete, roofing, railings and plantings. Indoors, furniture and floors should be well-protected from errant paint splatters.

Was the painter polite and pleasant to work with?

This is more important than it seems. It’s important to find a contractor you communicate well with and feel comfortable around. A courteous demeanor is a hallmark of professionalism and will save you unnecessary stress. Also, a painter who is enthusiastic about his job is more likely to do a good job than one who is burned out and just in it for the paycheck.

Did the work start (and finish) in a timely fashion?

Good contractors will let you know their planned schedule in advance, and do their best to stick to it. Look for a painter who will arrive at a reasonable time every morning. Just remember that exterior paint jobs can be affected by the weather; don’t hold a bad rainstorm or unseasonably cold temperatures against your contractor!

Is a warranty included?

A warranty only has value if it is in writing and extends for a reasonable period- three years is acceptable. Any limitations or exclusions should be explicitly spelled out in the warranty policy.

Paint Store

If you don’t know anyone who has had recent work done, check with your local paint store (not a big home improvement store; most professional painters prefer to work with local suppliers). Talk to the person behind the counter; describe your project and ask for recommendations. He or she will have valuable insight that can be very helpful.

* A contractor who consistently purchases high-quality paints is typically concerned for the long-term success of the project.
* On-time payment of the contractors store account generally means cash is flowing into the painting business- this means that he has completed projects and satisfied his customers.
* Using the same store for many years means the business is a well-established one, likely to provide good service and honor warranties.

Their inside knowledge of these factors can help paint store employees recommend a contractor who is reliable and trustworthy.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is a popular way to generate leads. Members of the BBB must adhere to strict standards, so you know their reputations are important to them. Call your local office or visit on-line; the Bureau keeps records (both good and bad) on contractors- even if they’re not members! Good contractors will have very few complaints. Any time you have work done on your home, leave a comment with the BBB. Your experience will help future consumers to make informed decisions.

In order to help you find that perfect painter I have put together some ideas. Starting with your personal sources and ending with the internet sources. An on-line contractor referral network offer free price quotes on a variety of construction services.

On Line

The internet is a part of daily life now, and it’s an excellent resource for tracking down a good painter.

Our Free Contractor Network allows you to enter your address and job details and select the services you require. Choose from a list of matches and view their profiles for more information. Contact your top choices with the click of a button!

Another option is to use a search engine to find contractors in your area. Try Googling “painting services + your city and state”, “painters + your zip code” or “painting contractors”. You should return a number of results, including individual contractor’s websites, free and paid listings, and review sites.

Free classified sites, such as and are becoming popular places for contractors to advertise. Check the services section, and follow up by asking for references.

Other Sources

Not all contractors advertise, but those that do tend to have bigger budgets (read: a more successful business) than those who don’t. Listen to the radio, write down names you see on TV, or browse the yellow pages for listings.

Some newspapers have a “Skills and Services” or similar section, where contractors can advertise their services in the classifieds. Free classified ads are available at many grocery stores- check by the entrance.

Finally, bulletin boards at church, the post office, or the corner store often have fliers for different services. Write down the number; you may have just found a promising up and comer!

Online Specials

We provide the absolutely greatest work at the best price around. For our special internet customers, mention the word “Lulu” and receive an additional $100 OFF!